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Arabica Coffee: Charm and Variety

Did you know that there are different types of coffee beans? Today you will learn about Arabica, the most widely consumed variety of coffee worldwide.

Whether you are well versed in coffee or an initiate eager to learn more about it, it is important that you know the different existing species of coffee. Some of the best known are: Robusta coffee, Liberica coffee and Arabica coffee. The latter is one of the most common and produced species globally, not to mention that it is the favorite one of coffee drinkers.

Most of the Colombian coffee production is Arabica. Due to the altitude of our country, the soil has optimal conditions for planting this kind of coffee, and that is the reason of why we have one of the most famous coffee growing regions in the world. The flavor of the Arabica species is fine, delicate, aromatic, and with less tendency to acidity, which also makes it more digestive.

But that's not all, the Coffea Arabica contains more possibilities within itself that impact significantly the cup of coffee. Among its varieties you can find caturra coffee, castle coffee and pink bourbon coffee.

Caturra It is characterized by the adaptability of its plant to the grounds, which translates into a pronounced, intense and caramel aroma. Our Wine Honey and Naturals provide an elegant coffee that has a creamy profile with notes of anise and a blend of vanilla and chocolate flavors. Natural Saffron is defined by its caramel textures and the fruity sensations of red and purple berries. It has flavored notes of anise, cola and tamarind, and at the end of your sip you can experience the taste of a milk chocolate, clean and lasting.


Its plant is synonymous of resistance and this gives softness, aroma and citric acidity to a quality coffee, in addition to having in itself all the potential of a specialty-grade coffee. Our Gentle Wash (Suave Lavado) or Primitive Wash (Lavado Primitivo) process makes a blend between Caturra and Castillo to obtain a creamy, sweet flavor coffee with notes of chocolate and fruits. In addition to having an excellent texture with a nutty and almond flavor.

Rose (or Pink) Bourbon

The variety of ripe Bourbon fruits can be red or yellow, and that is why the pink Bourbon is a hybrid result between the two. Its beautiful cherries are highly sought after and exclusive to obtain, producing a coffee with a medium body and floral notes. At Primitivo we offer you Rosé Bourbon in a variety of Naturals and Honeys, which guarantees a Premium experience for your senses. Experience a coffee with processes that break paradigms and are full of an explosion of flavors and fragrances.

The quality of a cup of coffee is an integral process that goes from the species of coffee and the variety of its beans to its fermentation process, the exposure (or no exposure) times to oxygen, the percentage of mucilage with which it is processed, the temperature, among other variables that make each cup unique. What are you looking for in a cup of coffee? Primitivo has for you a Premium and special range of coffees for you!

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