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Woman's scent

Have you ever seen them on a coffee farm? They were there with a smile that said: welcome., take a sit that your delicious coffee is coming. Is your answer affirmative? Well, something has changed since that lovely memory that you have; it still has the same smell of a morning coffee. The countryside is not as you remember it anymore. Something positive is happening in Colombia and its coffee land, in that same place that you visited.

The women in our countryside are not the same. They are not the ones that held the family with the partner of life and those that gave attention to her home, with the essence of a woman. Now they are leaders and businesswomen that own their legacy, heritage, and their deep feelings and thoughts. They have taken the reins of their lives! They are the owners of their land and, of what they work. They show passion when they talk about what they feel for their region, their roots, and indubitable desire of responsibility.

But, who are they? Do you know them? Do you know what they are trying to do? Do you know the reason for waking up every morning? Why have they become business women? You don't need to have the answer. They are women that know what they want to achieve and that have become free; now they have clear how to start their business. They not only work for their land without having benefited from it. They know how to sow, fertilize, collect, process, and market. Now they are 30% of the coffee lands that are worked in our country, they are 30% of the coffee leadership!

Today, there are more than 200 women in Quindío who, with their own coffee business or association, have resurfaced, moved forward and ended the stigma of weakness and docility that characterized rural women. Today they are a percentage of the leading voice in the coffee sector, those who have learned empirically what it means to cultivate the efforts of their generations. A dream that came true little by Little with women that are thinking big and that are consolidating their most sincere love, commitment and passion for their leadership work in their families.

We are those women! We are the voice of Café Primitivo. Two of them; a group of empowered women who day by day make visible the leading voice of women who promote love and dedication with the coffee land and who for five generations have won the hearts of their consumers. We have become business women. Those who are recognized when you have a good coffee crop in front of you, the high-quality coffee; those that make your cup of coffee an experience with the smell of the land as it always has been. Experience with the scent of a woman!

So, now you know them, they are those women who have dignified themselves. They have done it by innovating in their traditional work and by strengthening their credibility and making their coffee a product with the heart of a home. Those who have understood that they are made to lead and work together with the best in the sector, who are building community, diversity, and love.

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