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Discovering the origins of my cup of coffee

Have you ever wondered where the steaming coffee you drink in the morning comes from? Thanks to IBM, Farmer Connect and thousands of Colombian coffee farmers, you can now trace the origin of that coffee that makes you so happy and gives you vitality every day, while impacting the quality of life of coffee farmers and their families.

Best of all, by generating well-being in the lives of the artisan geniuses behind your coffee, you just have to scan the QR code that is on the packaging of your coffee. This will immediately take you to the Thank My Farmer web page, where you will learn what happened to the coffee from when it was a bean until you put it on your table. Thus, you will be able to make sure of the ethics behind the process. That means that you will have access to all the factors involved in the supply chain of coffee, such as the type of soil that was used, the altitude of the farm where it was cultivated, the coffee processing methods, also the coffee distribution and export routes.

What makes the project so special is that on the Thank My Farmer web page, you will also find all the necessary information about the farmer that is responsible for your delicious cup of coffee, and you will be able to support him directly through your donations and tips. Showing your gratitude to the coffee farmers will change their world. Furthermore, it will generate social welfare on their farms, improve their children's schools, contribute to the care of water and promote the protection of coffee growing in their communities.

When you know the origin of your coffee, you promote the social and sustainable responsibility of the companies with the coffee farmers, and you generate happiness in them and their families. So, if you have ever dreamed of helping to improve the life quality of other people, this is the best time to do it. Connecting from the heart with those who help us to make you smile everyday has never been easier. You can trust that with each sip of your cup of coffee, you are not only contributing to a fairer and more friendly supply chain of coffee, but also your most sincere appreciation for the coffee farmer transforms into greater opportunities for their lives.

At Café Primitivo we are very proud to be part of this community where coffee lovers and coffee producers are brought together!

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