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Some secrets to prepare a perfect cup of coffee

You don't need to be a barista to prepare the perfect cup of coffee. We will show you the secrets to a perfect cup of coffee, so you can improve your preparation techniques from the comfort of your house!

There is nothing better to start your day than a good cup of coffee. We have to accept it, drinking coffee is one of our favorite activities, and of course, the one that makes us the happiest people. A good cup of coffee changes anyone's day! That is why coffee is what we crave the most when we wake up, it is our perfect ally for those long hours at the office, the impulse for long conversations with our friends, our favorite choice for a romantic date, and the unmistakable proof that we are at home.

So what can be a better idea than to increase your techniques and skills for making coffee?! Take advantage of these secrets, and upgrade your coffee-making skills:

The first secret is to make sure you buy a fresh and good quality coffee. Whether it is a specialty coffee or a traditional one, try to find which kind of variety it is and the origin of its grain. If you want a better flavor, go for a fresh grain.

The second secret focuses on grinding your beans until you have a uniform consistency. But don't go overdo it either, you know the beans are at the right point when they have a texture similar to granulated salt.

The third secret has to do with keeping your coffee beans in an airtight glass container. Remember that preserving the freshness of your coffee is a top priority.

The fourth secret, and even if you have not considered it before, is not to use the classic measures of coffee per cup or tablespoon. Rather, use a kitchen scale to achieve all the precision you need to pop the potential of your ground coffee.

The fifth secret lies in the attention you pay to the water. If you are going to use tap water try to use an activated carbon filter. But honestly, we recommend bottled spring water. Also, pay attention to the temperature of your water, because if it is very hot, the bitter compounds of the beans will be extracted instead of the desired ones.

The sixth secret is to choose an at home filtering method that best suits your tastes. Experiment and find out if you are one of those who prefers the French Press. Perhaps you have already been seduced by the V60 method or, your favorite one could be the sweetness of the Chemex method.

After these simple yet fundamental secrets to prepare a cup of coffee, with some practice you will go from preparing a conventional cup of coffee to a perfect one!


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